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What our Village says!


In January, 2016, I found Jennifer Thur through a local support group for Medina Moms. At that time, my son was attending another daycare, but I was not comfortable with their level of interaction with him. I felt like they were not qualified to handle the number of children they were responsible for, and as a result, my son was not getting the attention he needed at such a pivotal stage in his development. I knew I wanted to find a mom to entrust my son with. I could not be more thankful that Jen came into our lives. Since she began caring for my son, he has blossomed. He is so advanced and high-spirited, and I know that a tremendous reason for that is because Jen, and all of the women who work with her, care for and nurture him with as much love and attention as they do their own children. Being a first time mom, the thought of sending my son to daycare, and trusting strangers to care for him as well as I would was a terrifying thought. But since day one with Jen, I have never questioned my decision to make Cade a part of her village.


I was a first time mom with a full-time job when Miss Jen was referred to me by a mutual friend. Hesitant and paranoid about leaving my new baby with a complete stranger, I decided to meet Jen on my own before the baby was even born. I can't even describe the overwhelming feeling of calmness I felt upon meeting her. It was like I had already known her for years. Throughout the duration of my pregnancy Jen would check in on me, also anxiously awaiting to see whether we were having a boy or a girl. The kindness and compassion that Jen shows to our son can only be found in someone who truly loves him. We were so blessed to have been pointed in her direction and we are so grateful to have our son growing up under the care of such a nurturing and caring sitter. She protects, she teaches, she loves. I would recommend our Miss Jen and her helpers to anyone looking for childcare, especially those scared first time mamas. She truly is the best! 


When searching for childcare for my first child, I interviewed multiple providers. As soon as I met Ms. Jen I knew we'd found the one! She was so loving and accommodating right off the bat. I was more than willing to drive a little further to enroll my son with her.

Over the past few years, Jen has become part of my family. She loves to do activities with the kids, gives the best childcare advice, and treats my son as if he was her own. I am truly grateful for her

 I would describe BV as a sense of family and comfort knowing that your child has a safe clean place to go each day that they enjoy. Kara has been in other daycares in the area and this is by far the best we have seen. Bumblebee Village keeps the kids occupied and learning with special guests and small trips. When I pick her up she doesn't want to leave👍
Kara doesn't just get care there, she gets love.

~Mike Dudas~

I can’t say enough amazing things about Bumblebee Village and its staff! Kennedy has been going there since she was two months old and it has been one of the best decisions we have made as parents so far! I never have any reservations leaving her because I know she’s in amazing care and is constantly doing fun activities. We love this place so much that I recently took a new job and it has added an additional 30-40 minutes a day of driving time to my schedule to drop Kennedy there and pick her up. It is so worth it to us because of how amazing Bumblebee Village is! I would recommend Bumblebee Village to any parent looking for exceptional care of their children. 

Danielle Kern

Jen and I are from the same hometown growing up. We have kept in contact through the recent years. When I found out she was starting a day care (initially in home) it was so awesome to see all the kids she watched and how amazing she was with them. When I became pregnant with my first child there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted my daughter to go to Jen's. My daughter has been there since she was 9 weeks old and she is now one years old. The amount of love my daughter has been given is amazing. It is awesome to see how hands on they are with all age groups and how they include all the babies in La La Land as well. My daughter has learned so much in this first year and I have to give most of that credit to Jen and Bumblebee Village! I look forward to continuing watching my daughter grow with this AMAZING village!

Nina Fullerton

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